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Welcome to the second open test of the Mapper!

What have we made?

We based our game upon a typical browser strategy, with all the aspects and completely redesigned one of them, the map and the territory.

The results are:

  • The real, boundless, seamless map. No cells.
  • Area borders are not constant. The areas can enlarge. Or shrink with the help of other players.
  • You cann't place unlimited amount of constructions inside your area. If you want more constructions in the area, enlarge it.
  • It's not necessarily to capture an enemy area entirely. You can capture a small part of it. If there are any constructions, they become yours.

The second test server

Game server

Help and manual

You can register and play here to understand what is the Mapper :)

The server is in test mode, so you can encounter some bugs here. Don't be afraid of it :)

More details on why Mapper is different from other browser strategies

It is one significant distinction from other browser strategies: the real, boundless, seamless territory. The basic unit of a territory belonging to a player is an area. An area is like a town, or a city, or an iland, or a planet in other browser games.

There are no cells in Mapper - no indivisible territories of the same size and chape. The areas are of irregular shapes and can be enlarged as far as the player's recources allow. The player can capture pieces of other player's territories, or can get his own territories captured, entirely or partially.

The cize and the shape of the area depends on how the player captures neutral territory or other areas. An area can be very large, so a player can place a lot of constructions, including recources constructions. As large as an area is, it stays as whole as any town or planet in other games.

Capturing a part of an other player's area gives a player all whole constructions located within the captured territory. But if the new border crosses a construction, it is destroyed.

A player can have several areas. It may be one or two enormous areas or dozens of small areas depending on the player's style. It's easier to defend one area, but several areas produce more resources.

The rest is typical: special abilities for choose, resource production, unit training and upgrading, clans, raiding, trade, artifacts, sleep mode, and the victory.